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Done that well my basic info goes as follows,

Name: Ange
Age: 26
Starsign: Capricorn
Location: Hartlepool, England
Occupation: Charity Administrator (sounds impressive maybe but its not!)Also part time student type via the open university .
religion: Atheist but I respect your right to your religion, just don't try and convert me. Or use your religion to try and take the moral high ground, because as the old saying goes, Religion: Found it , tried it did not like it, lost it again!
sexuality: Bi romantic ,don't like, get lost now. I am comfortable with my sexuality and will defend my right to lable myself as how I like. And I am not afraid of anyone who tries to tell me otherwise.
Ange on the web elsewhere: myspace: lexia_arcadia
Twitter Hpoolange

Okay what else can be said about me? I am a 20 something who really has no idea about what this thing called life has in store for her, but I am looking forward to finding out. I am many things to many diffrent people, Daughter, Aunt, grand daughter, , writer (or attempt to be),Student, Biromantic, single and dyslexic. I do not imagine many people would be intrested in what I have to say but I blog anyways. I will happily talk to anyone with at least one brain cell and is not homophobic or racist.

Want to have me as a friend do you? Its simple leave me a comment on the friends only banner that appears as the one of a few public posts and Once I get the notification I will friend you.

Seems to easy, thats because it is. Unless you are already on my friends list nobody under the age of 16 shall be friended. If you tYpE LiKe DIS, then forget it, and if you are homophobic, racist or similar then forget it.

In fact I think My views on that are summed up nicely here
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Love is accepted in all types in this journal. If your homophobic then I shall say this now, FUCK OFF, I do not want to know you. You are not worth knowing and I do not want to waste precious seconds of my time telling people that twice, if you can’t accept love in the above forms you can not accept me. Keep any homophobic/ racist comments away from me and this part of live journal. Thank you.

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