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Thoughts in 140 characters

  • 11:58 Now I have working internet at home I do promise to watch the rest of girl number nine. If the 1st ep is anything to go by it gonna be good!
  • 12:09 Note to me. Tidy room and do uni work. Um after food. Note to everyone else shout at me if you see me online before its done.
  • 15:35 Ugh plans foiled by another nanny call. Seriously not a jury would convict me right now!
  • 16:02 Dear nanny their is no bloody switch so stop bloody asking. No love. Your granddaughter whom is loosing the plot and is about to scream.
  • 20:11 Ok #xfactor tweet along and Stacey looks uncomfy. And cant understand what shes singing.
  • 20:22 Olly 2 beatles songs in a row. Hum but it suits him and he can dance. #Xfactor
  • 20:30 Oh llyod lil cutie pie is your throat still bad? Liked it but not sure if its good enough.
  • 20:41 #Xfactor Jamie doing roy o
    rbison. Its diff but me not liking.
  • 20:54 Lucie um not a bad singer but dodgy song choice.
  • 20:55 Lucie um not a bad singer but dodgy song choice. #xfactor.
  • 20:59 #xfactor yep the lad can sing. Finally someone who can get it. Go dan.
  • 21:04 Oh god here come the twins. Pass the earplugs please. #xfactor
  • 21:15 Um right. That was fun to watch but they cant sing still. Try kids telly presenting boys its more up your street. #xfactor
  • 21:22 #xfactor come on joe. Me local boy
  • 21:27 #xfactor lovely song lovely singer fab performance and just fab. Boy done good.

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